Election Opinion '16

Election Opinion '16

That is my first and final political narrative for 2016.

The next three or so months are going to be fascinating not only for this yr however for decades and presumably generations to come back as Nov. election day 'sixteen looms. There isn't any supreme candidate this time round, as I see it. Too many spots and blemishes on the prime candidates' 'faces.' No trailblazing Teddy Roosevelt, no humble Harry Truman and no commander like Dwight Eisenhower this go around.

As you'll be able to properly think about,

I like neither candidate to hold our nation's highest office for quite a lot of reasons. We don't need a self-serving, pandering myopic from a privileged background with no governmental or worldwide diplomatic expertise in the oval office. We definitely do not need more of the same from the Democratic Party - especially one who is so careless with nationwide safety protocol by sending nationally delicate emails from her private account and server whereas lounging home in N.Y. The whole Benghazi affair, while Mrs. Clinton was Secretary of State, with its probable recklessness and potential cover-up additionally paints a dark image for the democratic contender. The Clinton Foundation indiscretions are now being unveiled and scrutinized.

Fox host Bill O'Reilly has recently called for an FBI investigation of the foundation and not too long ago stated, "Now, there is no such thing as a manner on earth that Invoice and Hillary Clinton are going to admit to any wrongdoing... But they have to know that the whole foundation thing is unethical to say the least. But so long as it's not unlawful, apparently they are effective with it." The Clinton Foundation's shadiness is beginning to fester and boil over. There's just an excessive amount of surrounding and surfacing Hillary to not query her ethics and credibility for the highest office. However, New York mayor, Michael Bloomberg, recently said, "The bottom line is: Trump is a dangerous, reckless and radical choice. And we will not afford to make that selection!"

It's a true dilemma for our nation's voters this fall. I can solely hope America's greatest days are ahead headlines and never in our automobiles' rearview mirrors. At the moment, the difficult times we face at home and abroad are many - each economically and socially and most significantly, safeguarding America and its allies from terrorists, searching for to destroy the West, its democratic principles, economies and culture.